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Solar Services - Things to consider when installing solar panels

Is my property suitable?
Is your roof south facing? (Solar PV panels can be installed on properties up to 90° east or west off due south but they will not be as efficient as a due south facing roof?)

Is your roof in a good state of repair? (Are your tiles/slates adequately secured and is your felt and batten in good condition?)

Is your roof free from shade? (Do you have any large trees or buildings overshadowing your roof?  If you do, this does not mean that you cannot install solar pv panels but again, it will not be as efficient as a roof free from shade.)

Site Surveys and Quotations
We are happy to arrange a visit to your property/site to discuss your requirements. Things to consider are size and orientation of your roof. We do not charge for this and it is completely obligation free.

Following the site visit you will receive a quotation for a solar system tailored to your property/site. It will detail the size of the system, an estimate of income you would receive from the Feed in Tariff per year, an estimate of the amount of electricity you would sell back to the grid and how much you would save per year on your electricity bills.

Structural Engineers
If your property is an older property or in a very exposed position then we would recommend getting a structural engineer to carry out a survey. We can organise this on the customer behalf if necessary.

Planning Permission
The majority of installations do not require planning permission, unless you live in a conservation area, listed building or world heritage site. Your local council will be able to tell you if planning permission is required.

Solar Panels
There are a wide variety of photovoltaic panels available all at varying prices. It is important to consider that the feed in tariff last for 25 years and you want to get the best performance you can from the panels installed. All panels we install are MCS approved and guaranteed for the 25 year period.